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  • sagar_nyc
    06-10 03:46 PM
    EB 3 India has become joke when u look over all the previous patterns. :mad:
    I wonder if anybody noticed the cyclic pattern of dates for EB3 India
    Bulletin date Visa date
    9/1/2007 Unavailable
    10/1/2007 April 22, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    6/1/2008 Nov 01, 2001
    7/1/2008 Unavailable
    9/1/2008 Unavailable
    10/1/2008 July 01, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    4/1/2009 Nov 01, 2001
    5/1/2009 Unavailable
    9/1/2009 Unavailable
    10/1/2009 Apr 15, 2001
    Steadily Advancing
    7/1/2010 Nov 22, 2001

    Every time it hit Nov 2001, the dates were made unavailable and the cycle started again from early 2001.
    I wonder what is going to happen next month??

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  • piyushvora
    05-20 08:45 AM
    Transaction ID: 9BK50167HC394604P
    An email with your order summary has been sent to
    Merchant Contact Information
    Immigration Voice
    850-391-4966Go to PayPal Account Overview

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  • walking_dude
    10-04 04:19 PM
    They don't allow unpaid Commercial Advertising on these sites. Posting IV flyers can be construed as Commercial, even though IV itself is non-profit. I don't want them to ban my IP!

    I think the best approach is to provide links to IV posts/forums, to drive the traffic here.

    Flyers are ready - we can post flyers

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  • acecupid
    07-18 12:19 PM
    I dont know the whole background...but they say they will use 5000 unused visas per year. Where do these unused visas come from? FB visas?

    I'm guessing if its contractors/workers, its likely to come out of EB category. This is bad news! They should have additional numbers for these situations rather than taking from existing pool which is already retrogressed.:mad:


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  • papyros
    08-09 03:16 AM
    Hi All,

    Andrew Dutton - 917-536-5940, is my attorney for green card. I had also used him before for H1B renewal, PERM & I-140 substitution with DOL (while case was pending with Backlog Center). He is very professional, humble, and always answers phone calls & email messages immediately. He is also very very affordable (shall I say inexpensive - see the amounts he charged me for H1B, green card processing etc below).

    I was one of the unfortunate ones who got scammed my Earl David Associates (New York Law Firm) - now renamed to Jed David Philwin Associates. I know how bad law firms can be - they did not file my LC in 2003 but kept on telling me that they did - ONLY a year after in 2004 they promised me they had already done so. Needless to say how much pain suffering this caused me.

    I used Andrew for my H1B + wife's H4 renewal - total attorney fees - $550. No extra fees for filing documents for family members.
    Then, I used him for EB2 PERM, I-140, I-485/EAD/AP (for myself & my wife) - total attorney fees - $1600. No extra fees for filing documents for family members.

    I had an existing LC approved from Backlog Center - he filed I-140 for just $100-$150 attorney fees - stating that since he had already filed a previous I-140 for me - he just needs to modify some minor details on the I-140 & file it.

    He filed my I-485 over the weekend so it reached USCIS on Monday July 2 - who knows I may be one of the lucky ones when July visa bulletin fiasco is resolved.

    Regarding, Philwin associates they're big time scammers...they've taken from me $5000 without giving me not even a receipt or send me the retainment and dissapeared specifically avoid fake lawyer Michael (MIKE) Venieris. I'm personally taking them to court so spread the word. Does anyone know where submit a complaint for them to the IRS and the lawyers association? However, SPREAD THE WORD so at least to take them out of the market!!

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  • what_now
    05-30 05:22 PM


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  • av2004
    05-17 11:50 AM
    Thanks to Pappu and IV for providing such simple way to contact our Lawmakers.. It actually took less than a minute to contact my lawmaker using your interface. Great job and thanks for all your hard work to bring our issues to the front!

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  • alias
    10-26 02:33 PM

    I am just wondering how USCIS can take the GC card back.
    Say for example, I have filed my I-485 and it got approved (with out any regard of whethe my pd is current or not )and a card has been issued. If I take the card for granted and started utilizing it, how am I voilating my status. Isn't this USCIS responsibility to make sure that they issue properly or not. The applicant might never know whether his PD is current or not. In this case how could USCIS can take your card back. If they can, Can't we sue them ?

    and my attorney said "If you were to pull up to a ATM and withdraw $100, but for some reason the machine spits out $1000, what do you do?". Well, you can keep the money and drive away or walk into the bank and give the 900 dollars back. But if you are caught of not returing that money latter then that would speak about your wrong intention by itself. So at that point you may be actioned based on whatever law exists. In this case however it is very clear, USCIS can revoke your green card anytime.


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  • grupak
    03-15 08:52 AM
    Should we send letters to the president about EB india category. The dates are moving very slowly..... etc..
    we have to do something or it will take years to get GC

    There was an IV campaign for writing letters to the President. The deadline was March 11th but I presume you can still participate by writing the letters for admin fix. Templates are on the main page.

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  • harivenkat
    05-20 11:36 AM
    Thank you for sharing with me your support for comprehensive immigration reform. I appreciate hearing from you and share your concerns.

    While the United States cannot afford to absorb all those who want to settle here, we are a nation of immigrants. My mother came to the United States from Lithuania with her parents when she was two years old, and our family created a new life in Illinois. It is a testament to the greatness of this nation that the son of an immigrant can rise to represent the state of Illinois in the Senate.

    At the same time, our nation faces a host of problems as a result of years of inattention to our immigration policies. The Homeland Security Department estimates that about 11 million people in the United States do not have legal status, including those who enter the country illegally and those who overstay a temporary visa. I have worked to reform our immigration system comprehensively and in a way that is tough, realistic, and consistent with our moral values.

    While there currently is no comprehensive immigration reform bill in the Senate, I recently joined a number of Senators in releasing a blueprint outlining the basic principles that a reform measure should include. The plan would improve border security by increasing manpower and deploying new technology. It would strengthen enforcement against employers who hire illegal immigrants. Today, undocumented workers are often exploited by employers who hire them. Strengthening the penalties for employers who hire undocumented workers will ensure that both immigrants and citizens who work here are protected by our wage and labor laws.

    If we are serious about reform, we need a realistic approach to the millions of undocumented immigrants who already live and work in our country. We need to offer immigrants who work hard and demonstrate a long-term commitment to be law-abiding, contributing members of our society a chance to pay fines and earn their way to permanent legal status over the course of many years.

    If we do not give people who are already a part of our communities the chance to earn their way to legal status, we will not solve the problem of illegal immigration. People who are living here illegally will stay in the shadows instead of coming forward to register with the government.

    Immigration is good for America, but an employer's first job offer should go to any American who is willing and able to fill the job. I have been concerned about the potential impact of past proposals for temporary guest worker programs on the American workforce. In many industries, the assured availability of large pools of guest workers will give employers an incentive to pass over American job applicants in favor of foreigners willing to work for less pay and fewer benefits. During the immigration debate, I offered a Hire Americans First amendment to require employers to seek American workers for their open positions before they try to bring in guest workers. I have also introduced legislation to combat abuses in the H-1B visa program.

    There is no perfect solution to the problems we face as a result of our broken immigration system. Today, our borders are not secure, our workplace enforcement laws need reform, and our immigration policy fosters a shadow economy for millions of immigrants who simply want to demonstrate that they can be hardworking contributors to the greatness of our country.

    I will continue to work for a package of reforms that will protect American workers and that will be tough, enforceable, economically sensible, and morally defensible. I will keep your views in mind as the debate continues. Thank you again for contacting me. Please feel free to keep in touch.

    Richard J. Durbin
    United States Senator



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  • santb1975
    04-26 04:17 PM
    You get us to $2536

    Thanks IV.
    Here's my one time contribution of $100 (receipt 5Y898678VG019823F)

    Keep up the good work...

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  • anilsal
    11-08 09:42 AM
    As we have been learning, majority of the American public (including your neighbors) associate immigration reform with illegal immigration. Now if you ask them politely and ask whether they support immigration for highly skilled/highly educated individuals (already in the US working), you will hear no protests.

    So basically, it boils down to awareness. When we have people affected by retrogression, unaware of the issues, how can we expect a lawmaker to know the inner details?

    Just contact the lawmaker's office for creating awareness. Pro/anti-immigration is an after-thought.


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  • needhelp!
    03-05 12:05 PM
    Try this link to see USCIS response: (


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  • pd_recapturing
    02-09 09:52 PM
    If you read my post carefully, I am suggesting this 'in addition' to what's already on IV's agenda. Why can't we work on this item in conjunction to what's already being worked on? I have started preparing a fraud list from a bunch of websites like I noticed that almost 90% of firms reported there are fraud firms and it makes me wonder about the efficiency of local authorities. Also I don't see how targeting blood sucking desi firms would feed the anti-immigrant trolls. I would think we Indians would benefit the most since it would increase our credibility in general. Thanks for considering this idea at least. I would like to know other people's thoughts based on my clarification here. This drive might clean up cases freeing up visa numbers for genuine EB cases from India. Why should I be in line with crooks ahead of me? It doesn't make sense whatsoever.

    And yes, my contribution to IV so far as been $1000 and involvement in other drives. Your question to me regarding my contribution made me squirm a bit since you might have categorized me with many of IV's freeloaders. That's just like Americans asking me all the time "Are you on an H1-B visa and do you work for a bodyshopper". :)
    But I will work on making new contributions as well.

    Contribution so far: $1000
    StuckinMuck, I really appreciate your concern but my question to you is are you targeting the desi fraud companies or fraud employees? How would one decide as to which companies/employees are fraud? Suppose, you target a company because its fraud but there might be a huge possibility that some of the employees are genuine and they would suffer just because their employer is fraud. How would you avoid that?


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  • pappu
    04-25 06:08 PM
    Dear IV members,

    We are seeing now the fruits of our efforts.

    Update: Bipartisan Bill - HR 5882 introduced to Recapture EB visa numbers (
    Update: HR 5921 Introduced to eliminate per country limits (

    Despite a difficult year for immigration, there is movement of Bills for us.

    The admin fixes campaign has also been successful. It is now a matter of time when administration chooses to make an announcement. We have been following up with them on regular intervals. The phase 2 of our campaign has also been going for past several weeks. Several state chapter members have traveled to DC and lobbied. Core has also traveled to DC to push for our provisions.

    The latest good news is the bill on Recapture. IV has been on the front lines to announce all these developments and our lobbyists have been lobbying hard for us. All this effort costs money and thus we are starting a funding drive after a gap of 4 months so that we can continue this momentum. The more we can raise, the better we can lobby. We have a target to reach at least 50K in this funding drive so that IV can continue to be a voice of immigrants and take up their issues on the hill.

    Please contribute generously. We encourage people signing up for recurring contributions but if you want to contribute one time, you can do so too. If you want to contribute an amount not listed on the contributions page (, you can contribute by paypal using the email donations at immigrationvoice dot org

    Once you have contributed, please post on the thread and we can know how much closer we are from our target. IV chapter leaders and Team IV members will run this thread and count the contributions.

    Click here to view the total amount collected so far (

    IV team

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  • ksircar
    07-10 04:45 PM
    Please stop this fight ... after all we are all well-educated adults.

    Core Team, can you please publish updates on a specific schedule (say, on 15th and last day of each month etc ...), so that everyone will know when to expect updates.


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  • PAL
    08-07 05:24 PM
    To Simple1

    What I meant to say, you�ll succeed if you have the capability (with your professional knowledge, experience and skills) in your professional filed but definitely not with USCIS.

    I can say, USCIS is a great leveler in this aspect. Everybody from PhD to Programmer is same in front of USCIS. All have to wait 10+ yrs with mental tension and anxiety, no matter what your caliber is and how successful you are in your profession.
    Don�t get me wrong here. I also had to suffer for visa stamping, renewals, I-94 issues, PA etc in US Visa processing (nothing sever though). At the 5th yr of H1-B, I just decided.. to hell with that.....
    I don't know about you guys, but, I would be heart patient with that kind of anxiety in another 5 yrs of GC process �. Really need a lion's heart to pursue US GC now days

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  • punjabi
    06-26 02:28 PM
    Sorry, but reading your quote was really hilarious! :)

    Be happy that your EAD is approved!

    They hushed up and approved my EAD in 20 days. Why ???? 'cos So they don't hit Jun'30 and give 2 years. They wanted to milk another 680 from me so they hushed up and sent me the 1 year EAD in 20 days.

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  • svam77
    07-19 01:39 PM
    I talked to many representatives regarding my I 140 filing from yesterday.

    This is what all msot all of them said.

    Nebraska center is running behind with their schedule in generating their receipt numbers.

    First all the applications go to the mail room. If everything looks fine with the application, the mail room people would send the cheques to be enchased. This normally takes like a day or 2. Then they send the applications to a different department where the clerk needs to put the information in the system and generate the reciept and mail it out. All this process should normally take, 5 to 7 days and Nebraska Center has a turn around time of 15 days.

    But Nebraska center is backlogged a bit due to the numerous applications they recieved, till last week for I 140's. And a decision was made yesterday that, the Nebraska Center would catch up generating all the receipts by August 1st. (Thats what the reps told me). So everyone's receipt number who filed their I 140 by July 16th should be available in the system by August 1st(we wud complete the 15 days turn around time too). And if they get mailed out by then, we may recieve in a week or so, by Aug 10th.

    So everyone will be good to go. Even if you dont get the receipt, your checks would be enchashed by then which will have a receipt number and you can call the USCIS office to confirm that receipt number (as they will have it in their system by August 1st) and just file by putting the copies of those checks.

    Its not our problem that they delay the receipts.

    But I hope that everyone will get their receipts by August 10th. So just chill out and relax.

    11-08 01:28 PM
    Just because some people are not accepting others views they cannot tell their view is correct. This is a Forum and opposite views should also be tolerated. Then there is no need for Forum or Forum rules can tell that only certain messages are allowed. It is upto anyone to accept or deny others views.

    Democrats will hopefully move in the right direction.

    - Some uphappy soul is so frustrated after the result of the recent elections that it is posting trash on these forums. You know who it is ;) Take a deep breath buddy and let the reality sink in.

    - We are trying to teach you a lesson by not voting for you. lol :D yeah right.
    - These anti-immigrant proponents were predicting a status-quo in the house by defeating any pro-immigrant candidate.

    You can't win both ways. It just shows weak logic and confused head.:rolleyes:

    12-11 04:55 PM
    Members, it will be a big help if we just follow the small steps IV has outlined. Big ideas are great but lets start with the easy things first.

    December Visa bulletin is obviously frustrating for all of us. After the recent accomplishments in July visa bulletin and the tons of approvals that we saw after that, we hoped that everything will be alright.

    But that did not happen. Some of us in the community were taken by surprise, but this was expected. Afterall there are only 140K greencards available every year. EB2 for India and China is already used up for the quarter. EB3 is badly retrogressed for everyone.

    Believe me, it will not get any better. It will get worse with time if there is no immigration reform.

    IV can only do what its members empower it to do. If members want us to be just a site for question and answers for individual visa problems we can stay like that. If members want us to come together and do a rally in DC, we will help organize it. We did a rally in DC on Sept 18 and made great progress. However we cannot just sit back and admire one effort. We need to continue it and capitalize on it.

    Now is the time for everyone to decide if they want a greencard. If you need a greencard, and want to do something about it, then you must join this effort and help yourself by helping everyone.

    Our Plans

    Our next hope is year end bills. If we can get some provisions in those bills we can certainly look forward to a happy new year with fast movement of visa dates. Next year is an election year and it will become much tougher for any immigration bill to pass. We will need to make super extra push next year for something to happen. So the time to act is NOW.

    We have achieved great successes when we all came together and did something. If you need proof read Macaca’s post with compilation of our achievements.

    IV only asks 3 things from each one of you. Having these 3 pillars of support from members we will be able to increase our chances for an year end push.
    ================================================== ===============================
    1) Please sign up for monthly contributions. Monthly contributions help us plan ahead of time and commit our resources. Your participation will determine how big of a push we can afford. Just $50 every month per person can have significant effect on the overall push that IV can plan so please consider contributing..
    Please post on this thread, if you have signed up for monthly contributions.
    ================================================== ===============================
    2) Join your state chapters now. Get together with your fellow community members and meet your local lawmakers. We are a grassroots effort and can be successful if each one of us makes a sincere effort to meet our lawmakers and apprise them of our issues.
    ================================================== ===============================
    3) Consider yourself part of something big. What we are doing is something big. We have already done what was difficult to think when this organization was started. Today we have become a big force and a voice of legal high skilled community. Each one of you defines what IV is. Your posts, your talks with media, your talks with your friends about IV, your talks with your employer about immigration problems, your time and effort you put in for IV defines who we are. Each one of you is important for the success of this effort. Each one of us is a voice and we have converged our energies to make a strong voice. Please consider yourself an integral part of IV and actively participate in the effort.
    ================================================== ===============================
    Let us start a massive effort in this direction and make a year end push!

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